Danny de Louw was born in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands.
From the moment he could hold drumsticks, he loved drumming.
A chip off the old block, because he's from a musical family.
Danny was always busy drumming, before, after and even during school time. This was also the moment that he began to play in his first several bands. His parents sent him to a music school where he got all of his diplomas. Now he also plays the guitar and the harp.

After he finished school he ended up as a Financial Advisor.
This was not his dream and during the job he kept on gigging and playing the drums.
As the years came by, he played with several (international) musicians al over the world. More of this you can find in his Discography.

At the moment Danny is working as a successful session musician and is known for his feel and melodious way of playing. Danny played and worked with many different bands emphasizing his versatility.
In 2010 Danny is very proud to be coached by Top Performance coach and managing director Drs. M. K. Stoutjesdijk of the company BTSW!